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h.] Tabacco, Giovanni – Merlo, Grado Giovanni, Medioevo, V-XV secolo, Bologna: Il mulino 1983. Symbolick poznmkov apart, bibliografie (615-646), rejstk. BNF, v.] Bossy, John, Kesanstv na Zpad 1400-1700, pel. Calls for a comparative history of popular religion, an almost untouched field (17). Postoje k mrtvm, postaven manelky, konkubny, vdovy atd., moc dam. Dyer’s point in emphasizing material culture is two-fold: to show that the lower orders in society were active participants in forming an economy based on consumption, and to emphasize the contributions of the carpenters, metalworkers, potters, and other craftsmen who produced most of the goods that circulated through the economy. Vchod a Zpad v genezi stedovku; utven latinsko-germnskho Zpadu; konfrontace franckho a byzantskho impria s islmem; pokarolnsk doba; komuln hnut a komunln instituce; problm moci; aj. Studies some common trajectories but not necessarily with the same results: the central power claiming universal authority in the name of universal values (15), the citification in 11th- to 12th-century Eurasia (16) etc. h.] Società, istituzioni, spiritualità: Studi in onore di Cinzio Violante I, Spoleto: Centro italiano di studi sull’Alto Medioevo 1994. The author challenges the now orthodox view that a consumer-oriented economy emphasizing fashion and shopping as major components of economic life can only be found in later periods of history. „The impact of these changes on the relationship between high and low culture produced some of the most obvious and profound differences among the Eurasian civilizations thereafter“ (2). A good example of this approach can be seen in the chapter dedicated to consumption and investment in the medieval economy. Hled vlivy, kter podkopvaly tradin rituly, nauky a instituce, zrove ale zdrazuje kontinuitu a koeny novovkho kesanstv, vetn reformace, v kesanstv pozdn stedovkm (nap. In reaction to this crisis, clerical elites in these cultures changed, as well as their relations with the state, and their differences from the mass of population were magnified (1-2; a possible place to use literacy studies). c.] Società, istituzioni, spiritualità: Studi in onore di Cinzio Violante II, Spoleto: Centro italiano di studi sull’Alto Medioevo 1994. stol., magick aspekty mystiky v enskch klterech 14. The book focuses on the period of transition between 12, when wealth and power of the great lords was threatened and weakened, and when new social groups emerged and new methods of production were adopted. The first is that the nature of late medieval society and the fortunes of its economy can be understood only by focusing attention on the lower orders of society – peasants, artisans, wage laborers, servants, and apprentices.About Bibliographies Dictionaries and encyclopedias / Slovnky a encyklopedie Atlases, maps / Atlasy, mapy Overviews / Pehledy Proceedings and collections of articles – miscellaneous Historiography and state of research / Historiografie a stav bdn Theory and method / Teorie a metodologie Overall interpretations / Celkov vklady Trends / Vvojov trendy Demography / Demografie Geography; dioceses / Geografie; diecze Economy, society, organizations and institutions in medieval Christian Europe / Ekonomika, spolenost, organizace a instituce ve stedovk kesansk Evrop Law, justice, trial procedure / Prvo, prvn vda, soudnictv, proces Material culture of the Middle Ages, archeology ov medieval European cultures / Hmotn kultura stedovku, archeologie stedovkch evropskch kultur Political and cultural history by topic / Politick a kulturn djiny podle tmat Political and cultural history by regions and states / Politick a kulturn djiny podle oblast a stt Christianity in different regions; Christianization of Europe / kesanstv v jednotlivch oblastech; Christianizace Evropy Identity and representation, intercultural encounters, communication and conflict, minorities / Identita a reprezentace, interkulturn stetvn, komunikace a konflikt, meniny Books, manuscripts, libraries; paleography, codicology / Kniha, knihy, rukopisy, knihovny; paleografie, kodikologie Religiosity, piety, religious life; religion and society / Zbonost, religiozita, nboensk ivot; nboenstv a spolenost Popular culture, lay religion in the Middle Ages / Lidov kultura, lidov zbonost, nboenstv laik ve stedovku Saints, sanctity, cult of saints, hagiography / Svat, svatost, kult svatch, hagiografie Image, art, visual material / Obraz, umn, vizuln materil Pastoral care, preaching, propagation of ideas, propaganda, komunikace / Pastorace, kazatelstv ve stedovku, kzn ve stedovku, en mylenek, propaganda, komunikace Literacy, institutions of education, study communities, practices of reading; text and literature / Vzdlanost, vzdlvac instituce, studijn spoleenstv, praktiky ten; text a psemnictv History of beliefs and doctrines, medieval christian theology, scholasticism / Djiny pedstav a doktrny, stedovk kesansk teologie, scholastika Beliefs, imagination, imagination, imagery, categories of medieval culture / Pedstavy, obraznost, imaginace, imaginrno, kategorie stedovk kultury Categories of behavior, action and experience / Kategorie chovn, jednn a provn The Bible and biblical Exegesis in medieval Europe / Bible a biblick exegeze ve stedovk Evrop Some sources / Vybran prameny Medieval literature / Stedovk literatura Medicine / Lkastv Alchemy and Hermetism (up to early modern era) / Alchymie a hermetismus (do novovku) About Bibliographies Dictionaries and encyclopedias / Slovnky a encyklopedie Atlases, maps / Atlasy, mapy Overviews / Pehledy Medieval Europe / Stedovk Evropa Medieval Christianity / Stedovk kesanstv Cultural history of medieval Europe / Kulturn djiny Evropy Proceedings and collections of articles – miscellaneous Medieval Europe Medieval Christianity Historiography and state of research / Historiografie a stav bdn Overviews of historiography, review articles / Pehledy historiografie, pehledov lnky Reformation historiography of the Middle Ages / Reforman historiografie stedovku Romantism, romantistic historiography Modern scholarship – miscellaneous Theory and method / Teorie a metodologie Miscellaneous / Rzn How to practice the history of medieval Christianity? the history of medieval religious culture / Crkevn djiny vs. [JSTOR, p.] Moore, Robert I., „The Transformation of Europe as a Eurasian Phenomenon“, Medieval Encounters 10/1-3, 2004, 77-98. Gabriela Vesel – rka Belisov, Praha – Litomyl: Paseka 2010 (1. He readily concedes the devastating influence of plague and depopulation throughout the period and recognizes that political instability, civil unrest, and urban decay cannot be ignored as components of the period’s history.

Introduction; sources; formation of Europe; economic conditions; society; women; marriage; cities; travel; reign; Empire; French Kingdom; Britain; Norsemen; crusades; monasticism and papal reform; papal conflicts; new religious orders; scholls and education; popular religion; epilogue. C., A History of Medieval Europe: From Constantine to Saint Louis, Harlow: Pearson 2006 (1. [Informace o kolokviu na toto tma.] Lor, Vito, „Poteri pubblici et lites rurali nel Mezzogiorno longobardo“, in: Franois Bougard – Dominique Iogna-Prat – Rgine Le Jan (eds.), Hirarchie et stratification sociale dans l’Occident mdival (400-1100), (Haut Moyen ge 6), Turnhout: Brepols 2008, 293-303. Bougard, Franois – Iogna-Prat, Dominique – Le Jan, Rgine (eds.), Hirarchie et stratification sociale dans l’Occident mdival (400-1100), (Haut Moyen ge 6), Turnhout: Brepols 2008. [FF MU (DZ), s.] Bl, Ji, Troj lid: Panovnci a jejich lid v evropskm stedovku, Praha: Libri 2000. (eds.), The Cambridge History of Christianity III: Early Medieval Christianities c. Viktora; prozaick Tristan; Petrarca; jmno umlce; budovn osobnosti a budovn crkve; individuum jako prostor pravdy a omylu ve scholastice. FF MU (DZ), s.] Bleach, Lorna – Nr, Katariina – Prosser, Sian – Scarpini, Paola (eds.), In Search of the Medieval Voice: Expressions of Identity in the Middle Ages. Histoire de la vie prive II: De l’Europe fodale à la Renaissance, Paris: Le Seuil 1985 pel. Pnosn kniha s kapitolami od rznch autor, asto ve spoluautorstv. vod o subjektivit a textualit, otzka objeven subjektivity; romace – krl Horn, Havelok; Troilus a Criseyde; Canterbursk povdky; Pearl; lyrika; epistolrn bsn. Iogna-Prat); zrozen a smrt; opaten proti hchu, pokn; nemoc a len; gender a tlo; ob, dary a modlitby; liturgie jako performace; vidn Boha (A. Zbral, David, „Sexuln morlka, koexistence norem a kontrola mylen ve stedovk Evrop: Ppad Petra Vidala“, Religio: Revue pro religionistiku 21/1, 2013, 57-71: 70. [Nen dostupn online, e-zdroje MU neobsahuj.] Bedos-Rezak, Brigitte Miriam – Iogna-Prat, Dominique (eds.), L’Individu au Moyen ge: Individuation et individualisation avant la modernit, Paris: Aubier 2005. Identita a jinakost; podpis; sociln konstrukce identity ve 14. stol.; „criture“ stedovk latiny a stylistick individualizace; Richard ze sv. Ends with a statement on continuity but also radical specificity of medieval people compared to us moderns (251). FF MU (DZ), s.] Morris, Colin, The Discovery of the Individual, 1050-1200, New York: Harper and Row 1972. Pozad, 900-1050; nov uen vnov spolenosti; hledn j: poznej sm sebe, zpov, nov psychologie, autobiografie, portrt; j ve vztahu k jinm j: ptelstv, trubadrsk lsa; individuum a spolenost; individuum a jeho nboenstv: utrpen, eschatologie, mystick teologie. [FF MU; h.] Spearing, Anthony Colin, Textual Subjectivity: The Encoding of Subjectivity in Medieval Narratives and Lyrics, Oxford – New York: Oxford University Press 2005. Zajmav, pevn literrnvdn monografie vnovan kdm subjektivity ve stedovk anglick vpravn prze a lyrice. Pro tma textovch subjektivit v mm pojet nicmn spe nezajmav.h.] Cipolla, Carlo M., Before the Industrial Revolution: European Society and Economy, 1000-1700, New York: Norton 1980. Caby, Ccile – Dessi, Rosa Maria (eds.), Humanistes, clercs et laïcs dans l’Italie du XIII siècle, (Collection d'tudes mdivales de Nice 13), Turnhout: Brepols 2012. h.] Goetz, Hans-Werner, „Les ordines dans la thorie mdivale de la socit: Un système hirarchique? EBSCO, p.] Moore, Robert I., „The Birth of Europe as a Eurasian Phenomenon“, Modern Asian Studies 31/3, 1997, 583-601. Kadodenn ivot en z vysok spolenosti.] Huizinga, Johan, Podzim stedovku, pel. The second general theme is that the „long“ fifteenth century, encompassing the last quarter of the fourteenth century and the first quarter of the sixteenth century, should be viewed as a period of considerable innovation and economic dynamism.

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stolet Oposition against the Gregorian reform / Opozice vi gregorinsk reform Papal legates and nuncii / Papet legti a nunciov Papacy and individual regions / Papestv a jednotliv oblasti Poland / Polsko Gregory VII / eho VII. stolet Military orders – miscellaneous / Rytsk dy – rzn Overviews, proceedings and miscellaneous / Pehledy, sbornky a rzn Templars / Templi Overviews / Pehledy Templar history in specific regions – local studies / Djiny templ v konkrtnch oblastech – lokln studie Image of the Templars before the process / Obraz templ ped jejich procesem Trial of the Templars / Proces s templi Miscellaneous / Rzn Editions and translations of sources / Edice a peklady pramen Overviews / Pehledy Collections of articles / Sbornky Wider political and social context Local studies / Lokln studie Overall interpretations and reflexions / Celkov vklady a vahy The question of guilt (Schuldfrage) / Otzka viny templ Anthropology of Templar trial records; supernatural in the Templar trial records / Antropologie templskch procesnch zznamech; nadpirozeno v templskch procesnch zznamech Manuscripts / Rukopisy Bibliographies Nachleben and historiography of the Templars / Nachleben a historiografie templ Novels / Romny Hospitaller / Johanit Teutonic knights / Nmet ryti Cluny and Cluniac reform / Cluny a clunyjsk reforma Miscellaneous / Rzn Peter the Venerable / Petr Ctihodn Eremitism / Poustevnictv Eremitic orders of the 11th and 12th century, eremitic reform movement / Poustevnick dy 11. stolet, poustevnick reformn hnut Monastic reforms in the 12th century / Mnisk reformy 12. ) / Lidov kultura a petrvvn pohanstv, peitky, relikty pohanstv (? peklad) Literature / Literatura Otto Rahn Sources / Prameny Continuators Novels with Rahn as a hero / Romny, kde figuruje Rahn Literature Nazism and the grail Modern esotericism and the grail / Modern esoterismus a grl Frantiek Stovsk Medieval literature by genre / Stedovk literatura podle nru Penitentials / Penitencily Legends / Povsti Studie Drama, theater / Nboensk drama, divadlo, mirkly Editions Literature / Studie France Francie Chansons de geste Troubadours and trouveres / Trubadi a truvi Sources / Prameny Miscellaneous / Rzn Dante and the troubadours / Dante a trubadi Bibliographies / Bibliografie Matière de France and matière de Rome Tristan and Isolda / Tristan a Isolda Editions / Edice Paraphrases / Pevyprvn Studies / Studie Lais of Mary of France / Lejchy Marie Francouzsk Editions and translations / Edice a peklady Literatura / Literature Germany / Nmecko Sources / Prameny Medicine / Lkastv Alchemy and Hermetism (up to early modern era) / Alchymie a hermetismus (do novovku) Alchemy / Alchymie Hermetism / Hermetismus This bibliography began as a few pages of bibliographical notes in 2000. stol., v samostatnch kapitolch zpracovna Maierem a Prennerem kultura idovsk a islmsk (ne ani jen v Evrop, nbr i nap. h.] Matthew, Donald, Atlas of Medieval Europe, New York – Oxford: Facts On File 1989 (1. BJ, v.] Nodl, Martin (ed.), Sociln svt stedovkho msta, (Colloquia mediaevalia Pragensia 5), Praha: Filosofia 2006. Leon inaugurale au Collège de France prononc le 4 dcembre 1970, Gallimard, 1971. Strun pednka, bez poznmkovho apartu, zamen spe obecn. H., „Usury and the Medieval English Church Courts“, Speculum 16, 1986, 364-380. Ukazuje, jak mylenka oistce osvobozuje lichve z nadvldy vnho zatracen. Uvd nkter pedprotestantsk prvky „protestantsk“ etiky prce a zisku. Piron, this is one of the most stimulating studies on usure. [FF MU (DZ), s.] For symbolic representations, see the relevant section.

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